We’re looking for a new Senior Administrator at ATM… could it be you?

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Job title: Senior Administrator                             

Responsible to: Team Rector     

Purpose of the job:

  • To provide a range of administrative support services as appropriate in order to assist Anerley Team Ministry (ATM) in achieving its vision by contributing to its effective operation within the framework of church policy and by meeting legal requirements.
  • To supervise on a day-to-day basis the operation of the Christ Church Centre and St Paul’s premises.

Scope and context:

The job covers Christ Church, Anerley and St Paul’s, Hamlet Road.  These sites are about half a mile apart.  The Team Rector and Youth Pastor are based at Christ Church. The jobholder will be based at Christ Church, Anerley.  There will be times when the jobholder is working alone in the building. The job will involve working closely with the Team Rector, the Church Wardens and PCC.



The role is part–time 22 hours per week, the proposed pattern of work is set out below but will be subject to discussion with the successful candidate and variation according to the needs of the service.

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
9.00-13.00 9.00-13.00 9.00-13.00 9.00-13.00 9.00-13.00   10.00-12.00


You will be responsible for managing caretaking and cleaning staff (currently 2) and a handyperson.

The job will involve liaison with the Diocese of Rochester, other churches and external bodies, such as police, Government and Council offices and public utilities.


  • Whilst maintaining confidentiality as required, to provide a range of support services that assist ATM in achieving its goals, sourcing and supervising volunteers as appropriate.
  • To provide an efficient and welcoming reception service, dealing with visitors appropriately and vulnerable people seeking help.
  • To handle effectively email and telephone enquiries, to make appointments and to manage the post as necessary.
  • To provide an effective typing, copying, printing, laminating and filing service in accordance with requirements.
  • To prepare accurate documents, including notices, service sheets, rotas and information about events, organising publicity as required to meet all deadlines.
  • To prepare and organise the reading of Marriage Banns, and to carry out administration checks for weddings as required.
  • To ensure that the church is set up appropriately for all services and events (Sundays and other days) and that the A/V equipment is ready for operation and appropriately loaded.
  • To implement human resources administration of ATM policies, procedures and processes including those related to recruitment, training, family and other leave and sickness.
  • To implement the relevant procedures related to the legal requirements associated with criminal records and immigration in relation to employees of ATM.
  • To maintain secure and accurate staff records in accordance with Data Protection requirements.
  • In accordance with ATM policy, to supervise the part-time staff as specified above.
  • To create and maintain accurate computer records and databases and paper-based records as required.
  • In accordance with health and safety requirements, to ensure that the buildings and grounds are maintained, heated and cleaned appropriately and kept tidy. To this end, to inspect the buildings and grounds regularly, identify areas needing attention and to arrange appropriate action. To ensure that the security alarm system is kept in working order and is maintained as required.
  • To arrange for estimates/quotations for work to church buildings to be sought from relevant contractors, recommend which contractors should undertake the work and arrange access for the work to be completed.
  • To handle the booking of the Hive and halls efficiently, and to inform all clients of the relevant church standards and procedures including those for health, safety, fire and security. To ensure that rooms are set up in accordance with ATM and client requirements. To arrange appropriate unlocking and locking of all the premises for users.
  • To ensure that appropriate supplies of stationery, catering and cleaning materials and equipment are purchased cost-effectively and within the specified budget. To manage their issue and storage as required.
  • In liaison with the Treasurer, to pay invoices in an accurate and timely manner, to administer petty cash and expense claims and to update the church accounting system on a regular basis.
  • To carry out the administration of special events, e.g. those concerning outreach and mission, church weekends and attendance of team and church members at various external events, e.g. conferences and seminars.
  • To carry out research and present it in the specified format as required.
  • To update the ATM website as necessary.
  • In accordance with health and safety legislation, to carry out inspections, risk assessments, record and report accidents as necessary and take relevant follow-up action.
  • To ensure that there are an appropriate number of first-aiders available to meet legal requirements and to arrange training as necessary. To ensure that there are first-aid boxes available and that they are regularly inspected and items replenished as appropriate. To give first-aid as necessary. To ensure that the accident book is easily available and is kept up to date. To complete any relevant documentation.


PERSON SPECIFICATION (Personal requirements)

  1. Knowledge, skills and experience

Evidence of the following:

  • GCSE or equivalent in Mathematics and English.
  • Ability to use computers and related equipment and software, including, Word, Excel and Publisher.
  1. Behaviours

Evidence of the following:

(1) Efficiency & Effectiveness

  • Completes work independently without reminders or constant supervision
  • Demonstrates proactivity by taking the initiative – does not wait to be told what to do.

 (2) Quality & Accuracy

  • Double checks the accuracy of information of own work.
  • Finishes tasks completely and on time without ‘loose ends’.

 (3) Self assurance

  • Confident and comfortable in being oneself.

 (4) Relationships

  • Makes efforts to understand things from the other person’s point of view.
  • Listens responsively – is easy to talk to.
  • Communicates clearly.

(5) Service

  •  Demonstrates a positive desire to serve others, to anticipate, (where possible), understand and meet their needs (both inside ATM and externally as appropriate).
  • Focuses more on others and helps them to achieve what they need to achieve, being prepared to be flexible regarding the nature of the help given.

(6) Assertiveness

  • Responds calmly and firmly when confronted with difficulties or opposition.

This position is covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and requires a check by the Disclosure and Baring Service.

To apply for this post, please send your CV (including 2 references) setting out your reasons for applying and how you meet the Person Specification to: mailto:ccaadmin@btconnect.com

The deadline for applications is 5pm Friday 23rd June 2017 and interviews are planned for 30th June 2017.